You’re Hallucinating


Your emotional struggle and suffering has very little to do with trapped emotions, past life issues, and past traumas. It has nothing to do with the past. It has everything to do with present patterns of expectation.

This is because nothing can affect you until you bring it into the present moment. Nothing is a source of struggle or suffering until it is brought into the present moment and painted with unmet expectations.

When we expect things to be a certain way, we hallucinate into the present. Our expectation overlays what is actually happening. This unmet expectation triggers feelings that we can attribute to emotional trauma, past life issues, or trapped emotions, however it does not matter how we label the cause. The power, wisdom, and love will come from and has always come from the present moment.

When a pregnant woman threatened her life and her unborn child’s life with a machete four feet away from me, I was trying to overlay expectations of what I wish would happen. All that did was keep me from the present moment. All that did was create more pain as the woman started pushing the machete into her pregnant belly.

Her face of anguish snapped me out of expectation into the reality of the present moment. Only then could I receive the gift of wisdom to know exactly what to do so no one would get hurt, the gift of power to override the strength of a woman full of anger and sadness, and the gift of love to hold her in my arms and provide her with the shoulder she needed to cry on.

The solution was not in making realistic expectations. The solution was not in running away.

The key to receiving the abundance of love, power, and wisdom we need in every moment is being present in that moment.

Another post about presence in present, really?

Yes, but I am not here to tell you what to do or preach to you, you see. Let’s develop a deeper understanding of what is going on together.

The key to unlocking presence in the present.

When do we naturally experience presence?

We experience presence in life-threatening situations and when we take life-expanding action.

This means you can either live in dangerous places, doing dangerous things, and live a very short, exciting life or —

you can create a life full of life expanding action that starts with the beliefs that serve as the foundation for your actions.
Do you have to constantly force things to work for you? Or is life happening for you in ways you couldn’t imagine?
Try these beliefs on like you are trying on new clothes in the changing room.

The first belief may make you feel tense and stressed because you are holding on to the need find the threat and the competition, so that you can be successful. The second belief creates a lighter and calmer feeling within you that allows you to let go of expectation and receive what the present moment has in store with you.

Your beliefs will lead to certain expectations and specific actions.

All of this is an adaptation that animals developed to anticipate threats in the environment. An environment where a loud noise or any other unexpected trigger would lead to a predator attacking you. Now, most of us live in an environment full of triggers that never lead to actual threats or danger. This is why your beliefs about how reality works must lead to a sigh of relief instead of constant tension. The sigh of relief relieves the stress that your emotional triggers create.

Your beliefs need to inspire life-expanding action rather than life-threatening reactions.

Take the best martial artists for example.


They preserve their energy waiting for the opportunity to take action. They are fully present, tapped in, and turned on. They are not worried about what the opponent will do. They are simply present, noticing patterns, and taking action when the opportunity presents itself.
The martial artist is you.

You are in the ring with the expectations you put on yourself as you let them beat you down into a place of struggle and suffering. Once you relax, and become present in the moment, you gain access to all the abundance you need to take action.

The opportunity presents itself, you use a powerful right hook of a new life-expanding action. Your opponent  dissolves into nothingness as you let go of expectation, and step on the podium of present moment. You are calm and full of creative energy, ready to bring your full you-ness to this moment, now!

Even when life gets hard, even when you are in emotional or physical pain, you will heal quickly and move forward with grace because that is another example of life working for you. It’s just another blessing in disguise, another tool for your growth.

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