You Were Born a Successful Artist

Yes, you are. You are so successful. You successfully created this reality for yourself. The pain, the struggle, the love, the money, and all the things and stuff. You manifested it all, and it has always been enough for you to survive. You have always been successful at manifesting, just like everyone else. Unfortunately, we weren’t given a guide of how to manifest, so we tend to approach life as if it is happening to us, not for us.

The most important principle to understand when it comes to manifesting a life that happens for you, is that you are your life’s artist. You are constantly painting your perception of reality over reality.



Imagine every moment as a page in a coloring book. Based on your expectations, you begin coloring in different pages out of order, coloring in things that don’t have to become a part of your reality. Your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and emotions are constantly coloring the page of every moment.



As you turn the pages, whether its with anxiety or excitement, your expectations begin to color in things that aren’t even on the page. The page may have something as simple as sunset on it, but instead of coloring it in, you begin drawing what you should be doing on top of it, and on top of that you draw something you are upset about that happened in the day. Each moment is now fully colored with chaos to the point where you can barely see the sunset.

You also have turned the page, turned the past expectations into a wonderfully present reality, and enjoyed that moment to its fullest capacity before turning the page again.

We are all constantly coloring and writing the story of our lives in every moment. You always have a choice of what color to use, what to write, and what to do, but you can never stop. You can never stop because intention is constantly coloring your experience of reality. Intention is what allowed you to be you, and for you to be and do. What now do you intend to do?


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