You Are Your Best Mentor


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Sounds really good doesn’t it? But is it realistic?

Let’s see.

Put it into action right now. Find people that you wish you were. Reject people that are negative and poor. Only talk with people that make more than six figures.

What will actually happen?

You will not make more money, become more successful, or become a better person. Surround yourself with all the millionaires you want and your bank account won’t budge because of one simple truth. You can never escape yourself.

A dull knife does not get sharpened just by being in a kitchen with other sharp knives. You must sharpen your own knife. Use the rough stones thrown at you in life as a way to sharpen your knife, so you can move through life like a hot knife through butter.

You can never escape the dull blades of others, but you can help sharpen their blade as you sharpen yours. Instead of cutting through the same bull sh*t, sharpen the blade with the roughness.

Warning: massive metaphor shift.

The storm is not the problem. All storms eventually recede, and running away from them will only waste time and energy. What matters most is whether you are creating problems or finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Back to real life.

No matter how much you try to escape negativity, fear, poverty, and depression, you will always find yourself confronting it in some way within yourself or another person. Mentors, millionaires, and happy people will not decrease the amount of negativity you experience.

There are three things in life you can never escape: yourself, dull knives, and storms. The most important determining factor of success is not who you spend time with, it is who you become regardless of who you spend time with. Weather the storm, sharpen your knife, and find an excuse to grow from every interaction.


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