You Are The Animal & The Animal Trainer

The Raccoon takes it to the basket with the two handed slam!

Entertaining, cute, funny, and yet it leaves a bitter aftertaste of animal abuse.

But it’s ok. I’ll just cleanse my palate by watching 10 men trying to get the ball in the hoop instead. At-least we aren’t being taken out of our natural habitat just to perform a meaningless task over and over again that contributes very little to the betterment of Earth.

Or are we?

Maybe we aren’t acting any more evolved than the rabbit that jams it’s head into the mini piano because he knows he will eventually get awarded for doing it. Maybe we are just using our superior brains to unconsciously train ourselves to be controlled by our animal instincts.

We are all scoring on the same hoop of instinctual behavior. If it feels good, do more of it. If it hurts, avoid it. With every action, we play the role of the trainee and the trainer. Simple.

But it gets complicated when we consider that our brain is constantly receiving messages from our internal and external environment that are then translated into feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

When you are sick to your stomach, are you really certain that it was the food you ate last night? Your symptoms may have been caused by hearing the news that your best friend had a stroke or there could be a parasite in your system that you are trying to get out of your body without consciously knowing.

As a whole, humanity is in their teenager stage. We aren’t sure why we are here or how our bodies and brains really work, but we know (damn well!) what’s best for us.

Pour me another drink, let’s try that new drug that makes you more numb than the last one, and hope tomorrow doesn’t come.

Build another pipeline, let’s try to change the weather, and hope the Earth doesn’t notice.

We’ve become a slave to our animal instincts, caged by our own training. Luckily, We have the capacity to realize when we are acting in a way that is rewarding now, but will create chaos later.

But why bother considering the consequences?

Pass me another drink and put on the game so I don’t have to think about the issues and find a solution. Our “parents” will take care of everything.

What if they don’t?

You’ll be forced to show up for yourself.

The you that shows up in the future is created by the you that you choose to be now. Practice makes permanent.

What are you practicing?

Who are you training yourself to become?

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