You Are Constantly Growing

Out with the old and in with the new is the constant process of life.

No matter what we do we cannot stop the passage of time, however you can go back in time in your mind or even imagine something in the future. Your mind is in fact a time machine, while your body stays in the present moment. The beauty in this is that you never experience two moments that are exactly the same. This allows you to use these similar, yet different experiences to progress, even if it is in the most minimal way possible. At first, it may not seem like progress, but in the future you will realize the growth that a specific moment lead you too.

Even the experience of Déjà vu is still a new experience. The moment feels exactly the same, but you are experiencing it again with knowledge that it is Déjà vu which offers a whole different experience of the moment.

Every new experience can be transformed into progress, growth, and evolution of yourself and humanity, even when you don’t believe it to be possible.

Only new experiences exist. With every new experience comes learning, growth, and progress. It is impossible not to grow, progress, and evolve because every experience goes beyond our lifetime. Progress is the action of the universe as a whole. Everything you experience, even if it seemingly does not help you, can accelerate the growth of someone else.

Everything you experience is progress. Whether you believe it or not. Thank you for being you.


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