Work Out, So It All Works Out

Your soul controls your mind in the same way that your mind controls your muscles.

Let’s go to the gym and lift some weights to gain a deeper understanding of this statement.

You walk in, scan your membership card, and head right to the dumbbell rack.


You pick up a dumbbell and do some bicep curls. In order to “curl” the weight up, you must contract muscles. As you lower the weight down, your muscles still contract until you finally put the weight down. Now, your bicep can relax and recover for the next set of curls.

Good job!

And you already know if you continue to work out consistently, your body will change to reflect your hard work. simple enough, right?

The same process happens as you take action in your life to achieve goals, but for some reason we make it so much more complicated than it has to be.

Life is your gym, a playground for growth or a jail full of torture, it’s your choice. Every day you go to the gym of life, your general goal is to create a fulfilling life, and you know that to get to that big goal, you have to achieve smaller goals (lift some weights). In order to achieve the smaller goals, you must take action and the only way to act is through contraction.

Just like the muscles contract to lift a weight, you must contract to move forward on your goals, but It will feel uncomfortable, just like your muscles do during and after a work-out. Your muscles may get tired and sore, you may feel uncomfortable, but that is no reason to stop.

All contraction in the short term leads to mild uncomfortableness. If you focus on that, you will never fulfill the big goal of a fulfilling life and vibrant health. If you focus on the uncomfortable, then you will forget to remember that in the long term your consistent action leads to more fulfillment than you thought was possible.

It will not happen over-night, just like one workout does not lead to the body of your dreams.  with

With consistent action you will see results.

Take action on your passions (contract), measure and asses (relax), and repeat for the rest of your life. It will be hard, you will struggle, and you will grow tremendously, so remember to fall in love with the uncomfortable to make it more comfortable. Become addicted to the process of becoming.


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