Why Do We Pray?

Life is uncertain.

You want that promotion, you don’t want that cancer to get any worse, you want more money, you wish that all people could have food and shelter, you want people to stop being so mean.

Regardless of what you want, life keeps throwing uncomfortable uncertainties at you. Everything feels chaotic. You lost all hope, but you still want to live & be happy. Now what?
We gravitate toward prayer (or meditation or visualization), so we can let go of the desire to control everything. In prayer, we accept the fact that the outcome is out of our control. We give our perceived burdens to God, in exchange for faith. Having faith lightens the load of life (just enough), so you can keep moving forward.

When we hold onto fear, we weigh ourselves down with problems and expectations that don’t exist. Why do such a silly thing? Because we want life to unfold how we want it to. We think we have a better idea of how the universe should work then the universe itself.

We don’t even understand our lives, and we think we know what’s best for the world.

All of this fear represents your struggle for comfort. The comfort that everything will go according to (your plan.

Comfort that will consistently be disrupted, until you find comfort in the uncomfortable.


The only way to lighten the loads of life and free yourself from stress is by being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The only way to do this is by letting go of expectations and outcomes. Your expectations and outcomes are just a distraction from making the most out of each moment that you have now.

Life and the people in it may never meet your expectations, and things may never go as planned, but you always have control over one thing. Each step you take.

Each moment is yours. You choose what you do with it.


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