Why Are You Getting Stuck With Marginal Results?


I can spend years of my life telling you how to do something and what to do. I can teach you all the tricks and secrets. You can watch and learn from all the successful people you want. We can put the puzzle together perfectly, so it looks just like it does on the box. We may feel accomplished at first, but it will always be followed by a question. WHY?

WHY did I do this? Why am i doing this? Why am I sad? Why am I stuck?

To get the answer we think we need to know the “how” and “what”. How can I get unstuck? What can I do to improve?

We find millions of tools and techniques. We find healers, mentors, coaches, family, and friends who tell us the how and what. We do the how and what and we get results for a brief period of time. However, we inevitably fall back into struggle and sabotage, feeling like nothing really changed at all.

We assume that we are missing something and act like we do not already have what we need to progress, so we look for something else, someone else, to give us the answers again… and… the cycle continues.

This cycle is the only thing that drives unhealthy addictions.


Let’s take junk food for example. You are committed to turning your health around! You just ate a nice nutritious meal an hour ago.  You feel great, but something happens that sparks some fear and frustration. This feeling is so uncomfortable that it makes you feel like you are not enough, so you look for something that always makes you feel better. Cookies, Chocolate, double mocha death-a-chino with extra cream and sugar or even a cigarette? At this point nothing matters to you, but feeling full again, feeling whole again. You devour that addiction, feel good for now, but then something else pops up or you think… WHAT else can I do? HOW else can I get rid of this un-comfortableness?

Now, do you understand why you feel stuck and struggle sometimes? We all have that part of us that wants to progress that is represented as the uncomfortable feeling. This uncomfortable feeling is a guidance system that is meant to motivate you to find the “WHY”. Sometimes we wait for this discomfort to become a complete mental, emotional, and physical melt down. Other times we just trip over the obstacle, make note of it, and move forward effortlessly. Either way, we always are directed by our “why”.

This means that every time you struggle or feel stuck, it is really a chance for you to progress. When you realize this, every obstacle becomes a gentle reminder to find your “why” for that moment, that day, that year, that life. Your “why” will then naturally lead you to the “what” and “how” that specifically provides you with what you need for your progression and evolution. Thank you for being you.



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