Money, Society, and Your Fear. what is going on here?

Let’s explore the history of humanity through the eyes of the amygdala.


The amygdala is the fear center of the brain, often called the lizard brain or monkey brain. It is the instinctual part of our brain that we share with all animals. The amygdala keeps us alive and is the first-responder to any potential threat. The amygdala reacts within 20 milliseconds to a potential threat, before we can perceive what is really going on.

The amygdala has been controlling the wheel of the humanity bus since before recorded history. History class couldn’t even teach us when the amygdala took the wheel, but it did provide evidence  of the amygdala conquering the minds of man.

That history class that I mentioned is part of a school system designed in 1903 to create workers. Workers that will do the same task over and over again. Workers that will do whatever authority says so they can get a good “grade”.

The school system was formulated to create workers because we “needed” workers to fill up the factories to produce more and more stuff, so that the owners of the factories, the government, and banks can make more money.


There is that magical word, MONEY.


Money is such a loaded word. For most people the mentioning of the word “money” triggers a fear response from the amygdala.

Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.

You’ve always had enough abundance to live at the standard you believe you deserve.

Money can either be used for long term fulfillment of your purpose or short term gratification of the amygdala. Money seems to be the object of the game of “success” because the more money we have, the more control we have, right?

At-least that is what the people that sacrifice their lives for millions of dollars think.

The fear response from the amygdala is the driving force of capitalism. If you can convince people that they do not have enough and resources are scarce, you can influence there decisions by firing up their amygdala. When the amygdala is activated, short-term gratification becomes the only perceivable option.


Those things are just a loose translation of what you actually need.

What we actually need is to FEEL COMFORTABLE NOW.

We starve for control, so we can feel comfortable. We want to feel comfortable, so we don’t have to be uncomfortable.

All of this fear that is perpetuated by ourselves, others, the news, and advertisements sets up triggers that set off the amygdala. When the amygdala is triggered we are at its mercy. Fear, Anger, or Sadness can start coursing through our bodies as we look for control, so we can feel comfortable.

This need for control leads to one of two things:

  1. Trying to play the games that others create, while feeling depressed.
  2. Creating a game that makes you feel like you have things under control.

Let’s explore the giant game that we play together. Most of us call this game, “society”.

The desire to play this game must have started when humans first realized that they have no idea what is going on.


The sky? The stars? Earth? What is this green stuff? What are these brown things? What is this body?


There is so much that I do not understand. I don’t like how I feel. I am so uncomfortable.

This amount of uncertainty can either create feelings of curiosity, faith, and an awareness of universal laws that govern the universe as a whole or it leads to fear of scarcity, competition, and a desire for control.

Some of us saw abundance and learned from what existed before us. They were able to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and join the natural flow of Earth.

Others responded to the uncertainty by creating their own system of control. These people believe that, by creating their own system, they can feel comfortable and in control.

Unfortunately (for them), the laws that have always governed the earth and every living thing on it still apply to them as well. Gravity does not stop because you created a money making corporation that destroys everything for profit. Fear will always exist even if you have control over every person on the planet.

The only way to be comfortable is by being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The universe and Earth decide our fate as a human race. No amount of money can take the Earth’s power away. While fear and control is steering the humanity bus, we will be hit by disaster after disaster until we drown in the laws of the universe.

We must learn somehow, right?

When we lead with abundance and love, it allows us to join the natural flow of the earth. It all starts when we let go of control, and take action on what excites us most.

Even when we are living from a place of abundance and love, fear is unavoidable. You can never escape fear. Instead, make friends with your fears, and what was once uncomfortable will bring you comfort.

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