What We Can Learn From Social Media

You like it, you’ll get more of something like it. You subscribe to it, you’ll get more of it. We all know how social media works.


You get what you want, what you didn’t know you wanted, and what they thought you wanted, but you don’t like at all.

We create our reality in the same way.

When you like something, you tend to think about it more, find people that also like it, and learn more about it.

If you continue to like it, you subscribe to it as being a part of your identity. You become a fan.

In the time between first discovering something and becoming a fan of it, many different things happen. We discover negative and positive aspects of that thing and other things related to it.

The most popular social media sites, like Facebook, use algorithms to track what you like and predict what else you will like. Your reality is the Facebook Newsfeed of what you focus on.

If you focus on how much you hate when that person or that thing, you will notice it more often, and notice people and things that remind you of that thing you hate. The hate builds and builds until your reality becomes 90% hate in different flavors (similar to most of our Facebook Newsfeeds’).


What excites you most? What do you enjoy doing?

You may find yourself getting into conversations about it and wondering how you make it a prominent part of your life.

The more you focus on what excites you, the more that it will pop up in your life, in different ways. Your life will be filled with fulfillment in every moment.

What happens if I manifest things that I do not want?

Treat these manifestations like posts you don’t want to see on your Facebook Newsfeed. If you ignore it or comment on it, that will only insure that it keeps popping up. Allow it, do not react to it, and kindly ask to never manifest anything like this again. Now, focus on what you want to manifest, so that reality will manifest exciting things like that more often.

What do you want to create in your life? What do you want your reality to reflect back at you?

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