This Poison Is Killing Your Freedom


Judgement is poison to the soul. You can judge anything and anyone you want at anytime you want, but none of if it actually matters.


Judgement is like going on date with someone, knowing you have nothing in common, and still sleeping with them anyway.

It is seductive at first, but eventually leads us to feeling not good enough or better than someone else. Either way we find ourselves at a dead end, while the map in your mind says to keep going.

The minute you compare yourself to someone else in any way, you begin judging yourself based on how you perceive someone else. With each judgement, we ignore the direction of our soul GPS, and follow what looks glamorous on the surface. We crave the short term gratification of comfort and security.

“They are rich, I must do what they do.”

“They are so loving and compassionate, I should be that way.”

All this does is create a fake version of you that is trying to be someone else. You are telling yourself that you are not good enough to just be you. When you feel like you are not good enough you feel the need buy anything that promises that you will be good enough after using it, which is never true.

Good enough have nothing to do with money, status, material things, or achievements, it is a state of being that you can be in right now. It is a state of being that we think we cannot have until we buy this product or do that training. In reality, if you do feel like you are good enough after you do that training or buy this product, it is because you are finally allowing yourself to feel like you are good enough.

This is means that you are good enough, when you allow yourself to be and do what you feel compelled to do, what you can see yourself doing, what you feel called to do.

Feeling good enough has nothing to do with being better than anyone else either. You can perceive yourself as better than anyone you want. All this does is confuse you by creating expectations on yourself for what it means to be good enough.

“I’m making more money than them, I’m awesome!”

“I have a higher vibration then them, I’m so much more loving and compassionate.”

Sure it feels good now, but what happens if your income decreases or you experience “lower vibrational” emotions like anger and sadness?

You crash hard. You turn the corner, not realizing there is a dead end, and speed right into the fence.

Now, you have become the one who isn’t good enough. Not because you are not good enough, because you are judging yourself based how you measured the worth of others.

Nice car, Forbes list, happy family, and pearly white smile. Check.

Now what?

If life becomes a constant game of achievement and emptiness, you are being driven by what you think you are supposed to do, not by what you actually love to do.

For 5 years, I was ignoring what I really loved to do, in favor of something safe and secure. I worked as a deli-clerk at a shoprite and a camp counselor one summer, a personal trainer and desk attendant the next, and eventually started my own business in pain elimination. Each step I took was motivated by comparing myself to others and doing what I thought I was supposed to do, so that I could fit in.

My business skyrocketed in the first couple months, but my health plummeted. I wasn’t nourishing my body, I was depressed, and my girlfriend at the time saw a huge shift in me. I was becoming a heartless robot. Money and clients is all I thought about, until I started to listen to the guidance of my heart and soul.

I got on a plane and flew to San Francisco, CA. I rented a camper-van for a week and just followed the call of my soul like I was a feather in the wind.

My business plummeted, I went from working with 15 clients a week to 3 clients a week, and I never felt happier. I finally gave myself permission to be me. Since then, I have been working on projects that I love and working with clients that I love even more. Every moment has become another excuse to do more, not because I am not good enough, but because life is a playground and I want to play as much as I can before I have to go home.

When we follow the direction of our heart and soul GPS, judgement does not exist because we are now able to see everyone through the eyes of compassion. We feel their pain, and understand their struggle. Simply by following our own guidance, we will always feel good enough.

Simply by being you, you allow others the freedom to be them too.



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