This is What You Are Really Craving



Expansion through new experiences is what you really crave. Letting go and taking action on what excites you is what your mind, body, and soul crave. When you don’t satisfy this craving, you will feel uncomfortable like you are when you are overwhelmingly hungry. When you feel uncomfortable, you will seek experiences that you have already had.

When we feel uncomfortable we seek sameness.

Sameness disintegrates the mind and body.


After working with over 100 people to help release their pain, I’ve realized that one of the major causes of pain is sameness.
The sameness of sitting for over 40 hours a week causes tightness in the front of the hip, which can lead to pain anywhere else in the body. Sameness of posture causes an imbalance in the body. This is synonymous with following the same routine everyday causing an imbalance in your mind, emotions, and lifestyle.

Our brain and body are great at finding comfort and certainty in our habitual patterns. It is even better at finding discomfort in anything new. This is the default setting of our mind until we realize that seeking comfort and certainty creates more discomfort, and opening up to new experiences creates happiness and fulfillment.

New experiences create happiness and fulfillment because every ounce of our being craves one thing more than comfort.

We love improve ourselves and someone else. We crave progress, and the quickest way to progress is through new experiences. Take action on the things you have been putting off. Materialize that idea that you have. Move forward.

When we move through the mildly uncomfortable feeling of doing something new, we unlock our brains and bodies to transformation. We unlock our creativity.

Every time I work with someone, it is a new experience for both of us. We explore unique aches and pains, uncover why they are there, and release them.

The same process happens when have new experiences instead of doing the same things. With each new experience, we feel discomfort at first, but as we keep moving forward, we release the pain, and give ourselves exactly what we crave.


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