The Shortcut To Freedom

As kids we learn how to reject discipline really well.

Boy makes the protest. Isolated.

do the dishes! NO!

“Clean your room! NO!

“Do your homework!” NO!

Eventually we have that same voice in our head and we keep rejecting it.

I should really get organized. NO.

I should really call them back. NO.

I should really go workout. NO.

Saying No is a wonderful way of attaining freedom, in the moment. Freedom that lasts only for that moment, until something else happens that removes you from your comfort zone. We tend to do just enough to eliminate the discomfort, but not enough to build a foundation for the fulfilling life that we actually want.

Doing what is best for our health, relationships, and business is difficult when we choose short term gratification over long term fulfillment.

Is rejecting long term fulfillment for short term gratification really creating more freedom for you? or is it making you feel more and more out of control?

The truth is that the freedom that you have been wanting your whole life comes from discipline. Discipline is freedom. The more disciplined you are in the decisions you make and actions you take, and the more mindful you are of your intentions behind those actions, the more freedom and fulfillment you create in your life now and forever.

through discipline comes freedom - ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle quote printed on grunge vintage cardboard

“Disciplining” yourself is extremely easy.

Find the categories of your life that you need to focus on to create freedom and fulfillment. Make these your top priority by taking action on them every day, before you do anything else. You will feel more freedom and fulfillment when you imagine how amazing life is now and how fulfilling it will be forever when you constantly are taking action toward long term gratification instead of short term fulfillment. This is how you create a foundation of fulfillment that is impenetrable. You are worth it. You deserve it.

I am not telling you to quit you addictions. I am not saying you cannot watch TV or eat that piece of cake. All of you have to do is take action toward long term fulfillment first. You will notice that the desire for short term gratification is no longer there.

Life becomes a constant celebration.


Remember to see every action you take through the lens of long term fulfillment, and the struggle will dissolve, while your life evolves. You are now free to transform.

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