The Secret To Learning Anything



Thanks Shia.

Yes, doing is a major part of learning anything. Immersing yourself in what you want to learn consistently will put you in the position to learn most effectively, but it is easy to get caught up in doing, just to do, without learning anything at all.

In a world of instant gratification, we gravitate toward the one program, diet, fad, or pill that will change everything. We look for the pill that will numb the pain and sadness. We look to repress parts of our life and being, instead of learning from them. We focus on the pain, failures, and quick fixes so we can continue with the comfortable loop that we are so use to living. We tell ourselves that “I need to what I dislike to survive”, we feel like there is not enough, and look for things to worry about. This is what happens when we choose fear over love and scarcity over abundance. In the state of fear and scarcity, we cannot learn effectively. This is because we are hard-wired to focus only on staying alive when we are in a state of fear and scarcity, instead learning and growing. This is why we sometimes feel stuck at a job or in a relationship.

We must shift into a state of abundance, love, and faith in order to really learn and grow. Luckily for all of us, we are gifted with the ability. It is only natural to be in this state.

We were actually born in this state (well, after we process the shock of being alive). As babies, we are open channels for learning. In one year, you go from wondering why you have mystical appendages coming from your body to using those appendages to hold and touch things and move. You eventually start crawling and for our main trick (drumroll please…), we WALK. We go from movement paralysis to walking upright in around a year. You have the capacity to learn so quickly! You are so successful! (even if you were born with a condition where you cannot walk or learn in the way society wants you to, you are successful!)

We all learn and grow in some way throughout our time on Earth, but why do we grow so much as babies and toddlers and start feeling limited and stuck in our teens and through adulthood?

As a baby, you are human in its purest form. A clean slate (for the most part). This means that you have no expectations, no belief patterns, and even if someone tells you what to do, you have no idea what they are saying anyway.

All you have is feeling. Your main motivators, curiosity and desire.

Curiosity about what, how, and why, and the desire to do what feels right. Every time you move, learn, and grow, your brain is hard-wired to release “feel good” hormones.

Without any one telling you what to do and without any limiting beliefs that make you feel like you are not enough, everything is play, everything is an adventure. The baby does not focus on what is wrong and is not concerned about what others think, it only knows how to follow what feels right. Babies do not map out there goal to walk step by step (pun intended). Babies just do what feels right in their heart to do. When we do what feels right to us, we end up learning skills that help progress ourselves and humanity.

This is the template of all learning. Do what feels right for you, do what excites you, follow the curiosity, and you will grow rapidly.

When the baby is learning how to walk, it inevitably stumbles and falls. At that age, the illusion of failure does not exist, identity does not even exist. The only thing that exists is the desire to explore and do what feels right.

You are the baby, your mother and father are the universe, and everything is here for you to learn and grow. Thank you for being you!



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