The Real Cause Of Accelerated Aging & 3 Steps to Finding The Fountain of Youth


YOU are accelerating your own aging.

YOU are also the only one who can reverse your aging process.


Let’s start with the recipe for accelerated aging:

Step 1: Remember the past through the lens of regret, guilt, and shame

Step 2: Plan for the future and fill it with fear and anxiety

Step 3: Bring all of that into the present moment and mix it all together


This is the cause of accelerated aging.

This is also at the root of all pain, suffering, and disease.

Let’s dig deeper…

Extreme anxiety and fear about the future leads to holding an unnecessary amount of tension in your body. This tension is protecting you from a perceived “threat”, that is not even real. Excessive tension sets the stage for dysfunction and disease because when we are in a fearful and anxious state the body never gets a chance to relax the tension and heal itself.

This anxiety and fear surrounding the future comes from how we remember the past. What actually happened in our past holds no meaning, how we choose to remember the past is what directs our present decisions and future planning.

As we look at the past through the lens of regret, guilt, and shame, we bring these emotions and feelings into the present. Everything in our current reality gets painted with an ugly, but familiar color of regret, guilt, and shame. We restrict ourselves from creating a fulfilling life when we fill ourselves with these emotions because we began to believe that nothing will ever work. We use our own hallucinations of the past evidence to fill ourselves with doubt. Why bother when nothing you do is enough, right?

When we are overwhelmed with anxiety, guilt, shame, and regret, it fills us with fear. The embodiment of these feelings and beliefs is what leads to disease, pain, and accelerated aging because they trigger your body and mind to self-destruct. We self-destruct because we believe it is the only option we have left.

You may be experiencing the self-destruction process right now, as your body and mind feel these emotions and test out these beliefs. The same is true as you test out empowering and fulfilling beliefs. Everything happens in an instant, and in that instant you are either creating a fulfilling life or a life filled full of struggle. As you envision your fulfilling life and take steps forward with completely certainty, you gain access to the fountain of youth.


The fountain of youth has been inside you this whole time.

Feelings and qualities like inspiration, motivation, happiness, love, humor are what grant you access to the fountain of youth because they let your body and mind know that life is worth living and that you are worth living it. This gives your body and mind permission to heal, evolve, and progress, so it can be used as a youthful tool to create an even more fulfilling life, for you, your family, and the rest of humanity.

Here is the recipe for unlimited access to the fountain of youth:

Step 1: Allow yourself to experience the “negative” emotions when they come up, instead of fighting them. Foster self-love and gratitude even when you are at your worst. This will allow you to release trapped emotions and experience an amazing transformation.

Step 2: Direct your intentions and thoughts in every moment with questions. (ex. “What can I do right now that will be most fulfilling?” “How is this helping me progress?” “How can I serve myself? “how can I serve others?”)

Step 3: Take action and move toward a fulfilling life by taking steps into uncertainty with certainty. Learn to love and seek comfort in the uncomfortable because it unlocks incredibly fulfilling experiences for you.

Now, it is time to age like Benjamin Button.


Now, you are free to transform.

Thank you for being you.


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