The First Two Steps to Enlightenment

From your emotions to an apple falling from a tree, it all seems random, until we become curious and ask “why?”


When the apple fell off the tree striking Isaac Newton on the head, he could have dismissed it as a random occurrence.

What he choose to do changed the course of history. He asked “why?”

This question led to answers, experiments, and discoveries that became the laws of motion. Laws that revolutionized how we look at matter (and science class).

From Faraday discovering how to make a motor to Pasteur discovering that bacteria can cause disease to Einstein’s theory of relativity to many more curious minds making amazing discoveries, we now have a clearer picture of how things work. With this clarity, we were able to invent and innovate to make our lives better.

Imagine if the apple fell from the tree and Newton said, “that’s just how it is.”

Imagine if everyone simply settled for the understanding that they had without reaching for better answers. We’d live in a world without electricity, phones, cars, refrigerators, medicine, education, and communication. Without curiosity, we’d be comfort zone zombies that don’t even have the desire to talk to each other.

We start to become enlightened when we explore our inner and outer world with curiosity.

We start to make paradigm shifting discoveries when we ask “why?”

When you just accept things as they are, the unique parts of you that are designed to make life better for you, your family, your friends, your species, and your environment begin to disintegrate.

Sacrifice comfort for curiosity and ask “why?”

All life on earth depends on it (especially yours).


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