Thank you

I need you.

We need you.

We especially need you to be you to the fullest.

You define whatever that means. However, we do know what that does not mean. It does not mean copying anyone else. It does not mean judging yourself based on the lives of others.

Learn from others, but do not copy them.

The only person you can compare yourself to is yourself. Once you compare yourself to anyway else, your power, wisdom, and love begin to leak out of every pore of your body.

You have so much uniqueness and creativity in you already that can create something or do something that will revolutionize humanity. Sometimes we do need the positive influence of others to pull us in the right direction, but if you are to busy looking for the next best thing or trying to make money, you will miss out on fulfilling the needs of yourself and humanity in the simplest and easiest way possible.

Yes, it can be simple and easy. Life does not have to be a constant struggle.

The simplest way (and probably the only way) to create a fulfilling life is by creating your own body of work. Through this body of work, you will be able to provide value to humanity in a fulfilling way for you. Money will flow in as a side effect, when you truly commit to creating a body of work that comes from a genuine and divine place within you and provides value to humanity. Thank you for being you.

“Your job is to create a body of work that earns you trust and attention.”Seth Godin


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