Running in Circles


One day, I decided to meditate for two hours.

Yes, I am impulsive.

No, I do not normally meditate.

As I looked for meditation music and set an alarm for two hours from now, a quote from Jim Rohn popped into my head.


From rarely meditating to meditating for 120 minutes straight.

Measurable? Yes.

Reasonable? Definitely not.

I just needed to make meditation more challenging. Why not meditate for an unreasonable amount of time?

You are LAZY!


You are avoiding responsibility!

You are just running in circles!

A choir of judgmental authoritative voices gathered in my mind. A choir of corruption.

One thing my parents (or any authoritative figure in my life) knows is, the more you tell me to do something the more I will do the opposite.

As the choir began to crescendo into the chorus of the composition of chaos, I plunged head first into the deepest meditation of my life.

After I hit a consciousness falsetto, the choir of corruption retired because they couldn’t compete with my stunning solo. Content with the results, I checked the clock.

Only 45 minutes? I am not even half-way there. The choir of corruption must have felt my discouragement and came out of retirement.


You never finish what you start anyway.

I’ll show you voice in my head! I went even deeper than before.

After the first 45 minutes, I was free of thought and floating in a timeless space.

After the next hour, I found myself explaining to myself why the flower of life is so important, and what I can learn from a circle about life.

                    Flower of Life

The choir of creation replaced the choir of corruption with some intense encouragement-

Draw a circle, right now.

Write now.

Write, right now.



This circle represents an environment, opportunity, or experience. It could be your home, a job opportunity, or mastering a new skill. This circle becomes our “comfort zone” over time. We explore the different parts of our circle. We explore all 360 degrees.

Eventually, we enter a space that another circle shares with our circle. It could be a new home, starting your own business, or a new class. You still feel comfortable because it somewhat resembles the circle you are comfortable with, but there are always some unexplored uncertainties.


The unexplored uncertainties of the new circle can be one of two things:

  • potential adventures


  • potential threats

As a baby, we are usually more curious than cautious. We stumble into new circles, sometimes to quickly. We play all day. Potential adventure is our main motivation.

Eventually, we become more cautious than curious when we feel ourselves entering into a new circle. this is because we focus on all the circles we stumbled into and came out crying with bruises and cuts physically and emotionally. Potential threats become our main expectation.

We spend our lives expecting the threat, the failure, and the loss, until we realize their is no need to be cautious as long as you are conscious.

Be conscious of the circles of life that you are exploring.

New circles connect with parts of your comfort zone circle that are similar. The next circle that you find all depends on how you are thinking, feeling, and acting. If you are feeling awesome, focusing your thoughts on growth and progress, and/or taking compassionate and loving action toward yourself and others, you will stumble across new circles that reflect the same thing in different ways.

For example, I love teaching workshops, performing poetry, and traveling. I started writing more poetry, performing it, and facilitating my own workshops, eventually I meet someone who connected me with Tribal Gathering, a gathering on the beach in panama where I can teach workshops and perform poetry, while living on the beach in the jungle. Paradise! I would have never found that new circle if I never took a step forward with my passions and what excited me.

Cultivating consciousness is the key to creating a life without struggle that is full of constant fulfillment.

The first step to cultivating consciousness is to ask yourself, what circle are you in now? What new circle(s) are you stepping into?

The next step is taking the step into the circles that reflect the life you want to create for yourself.

Wow, this whole time it was okay to run in circles. I just need to adventure into a new one.

Please excuse me, while I progress to the next (360) degrees. Join me?

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