Progressing or Healing? What are you really doing?

Healing can sometimes imply that we are taking steps back so that we can come back to where we already were. The process of healing for some feels like being caught in a never-ending loop that leads to nothing, and it is torturous because when humans feel like they are not progressing, they begin the process of dying. When we feel like we are not progressing, we either give up on what we are doing or on living in general.

Don’t give up just yet!


You are actually experiencing something that goes far beyond “healing”.

Actually, You are progressing.

When you get a paper cut and the body conducts a process that we call “healing”, which is repairing it back to it original condition. In truth it is progressing its ability to strengthen the skin. Each time your body “heals” it is never digresses, it is just brought out of homeostasis or balance, so that it is ready to divert from homeostasis at anytime because diversion from homeostasis means that the body is experiencing something new, whenever the body experiences something new, it progresses.


The “mistakes”, “failures”, and “steps back” have all unlocked the opportunity for progress in some way. So, really that “problem” or “failure” is an experience that leads to your transformation. It can also be used to help others.

It is all a tool for growth and progress, if you choose to use it that way. In reality, you never experience something the same way more than once. Each time you revisit a place, a feeling, and experience, it changes because you have progressed. You are always healing and progressing simultaneously.

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