Please Be Selfish


Yes, be selfish, not selfless.

Selfless means “being without self”. Being without self means you have no humanness.

How can you expect to serve humanity if you are not a human yourself?

How can you expect the world to receive your gifts, if you do not allow yourself to receive what is given to you?

Where could I possibly be taking you with this?

Before I take you to your destination, let’s clear the path of all detours..

The technical definition of “selfish” is lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

Think of someone you consider selfish. It may bring up pictures or memories of someone being greedy, hording, stealing, etc. It may make you feel anger, hate, and sadness directed toward them. You may even think of phrases that selfish people would say “I am better than you” or “you don’t deserve that, that’s mine”.

This kind of attitude is being used as a shield that covers up the hidden depression and frustration lurking inside. You can only imagine the war going on inside the person’s head. However, they are not selfish, when it comes to really being selfish, “selfish” people are the WORST at being selfish. If they were really selfish, they wouldn’t let themselves suffer so much.

If you breakdown Selfish into “self” and “ish”, it has a completely different meaning.

The prefix “self” is the set of someone’s non-physical characteristics, such as personality and ability. The suffix “-ish” in this context means “having the characteristics of”.

Without any implied connotation, selfish really means to have the characteristics of your own personality and ability. Being selfish is just YOU being YOU. Yes it is redundant. However, it is beautifully ironic because those who we usually classify as “selfish” are actually “selfless” because they feel like them simply being them is not enough, so they must make up for it through greed and power to feel worthy and enough.

Selfishness or “you being you” is the most important skill to develop because you expressing your “you-ness” is the only path to a life of freedom and fulfillment. It also encourages those in your life to express their “their-ness”.


Even if you think of selfishness in the traditional sense, you must ask the question, ‘What do humans really want that causes them to be “selfish”?’

Selfishness is driven by an addiction to pleasure. Actually, we all are driven by this same addiction, and it is okay. It is all divinely planned in this way. Humanity is made to be addicted to pleasure.


We feel the most pleasure when we love ourselves and one another. When we are free to love, we are free to progress past all human limitation. Love and Progress create an infinite amount of pleasure! Love, progress, and pleasure are the keystones for a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Please be selfish.



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