One Simple Way to Transform Your Life Now & Forever


We all want to be autonomous and have some form of control over our lives.

The ability to support ourselves and do our best is a natural desire that we all share.

When we do our best, we learn and grow, and unlock an even better “best” for ourselves.

In every moment, we have a choice to do our best. We have a chance to do something in a better way than we’ve ever done it before. Let’s do it!

Hold on, doesn’t that feel uncomfortable? You’re crazy, if you want to keep reaching past your potential. What if something goes wrong? You like how things are anyway, right?

Yes, but each time you decide to not do your best, you are not claiming your life to the fullest of your ability. When we don’t do our best, we try to justify it by doing our best at blaming.

You can blame everything from the weather to your mother, every form of blame is an attempt to justify to yourself why you didn’t claim your life and do your best.

I used to believe that life always has its ups and downs, and I’d play along with that belief flawlessly. If things didn’t go as planned, I would blame the cycles of life, give up my responsibility, and slip into a depression. This depression would last until something would go my way, I would assume that things are getting better, claim my life, and feel autonomous and happy, until things didn’t go my way again.

I repeated this cycle for decades because that’s just how life is, right?

Only when we allow ourselves to blame, rather than claim our lives.

When we claim our lives, ups and downs don’t exist.

When you claim your life, the only thing that exists is another opportunity to do your best.

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