Mindfully Create Mindlessly

Mindfully create mindlessly with the mind less, please.

Don’t just create to create. Don’t wait to create either.

Definitely, don’t create only to get likes, shares, and followers.

Create from a place of genuine intention. A place that connects us all together. A place where pure truth  flows through your body.

Use any anxiety, frustration, fear, anger, or sadness as a tool for creative expression.

As soon as you start, the wall that blocks creativity dissolves and you enter the flow that you’ve been chasing after your whole life.

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Even if it is just one phrase or one new idea. We need you to shine your light regardless of how many shadows are cast.

As you shine your light you learn how to shine it at different angles. Eventually, there will only be light and no shadows.

More compassion, less depression.

More evolution, less revolution.

More light, less darkness.

More you, less who you think you should be.



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