Make Life Exciting, Now.

There is no need to change your environment to add more spice to your life.

Here is a quick mindset hack for everyone…

I commonly fall into the “I need something new” trap. I’d get stuck thoughts like:

The people I am with are the same, the things I do are repetitive, my job is the same everyday so I need something new, or else I am just going to run away. I need to run away!

Illustration depicting a sign with a same old same old concept.

The truth is… if I ran away, I would be devastated because my new house, new friends, new lover, would become “old” and “boring” again. This has nothing to do with my reality. It has everything to do with my mindset, my perception.

If this story resonates with you than you are probably good at finding what is the same and getting bored over it. Making yourself feel like you have to run away is not the way out. The way out is… in.

All it takes is a simple shift in your strategy for the day. Instead of looking for the “same old”, look for the “invigoratingly different”.

Play a game by turning your life into one of those “find the 5 things that changed” pictures. Everyday look for something new to appreciate, at your job, in your car, even in the food that you eat.

It does not matter how flavorful the food is if you do not appreciate the flavor.

Life isn’t exciting until you get excited about living it.


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