Life Vs. You: The One Truth You Cannot Escape

We all have goals.

Even if we do not write them down. We always have a goal that propels us to do what we do. The goal provides the fuel that motivates us to act. Goals are one thing we cannot escape. (Even if your goal is to have no goals.)

we cannot escape goals, but we can still determine what we can do with them. We can find plenty of reasons why we do what we do and why we have certain goals, and overwhelm ourselves with the convoluted constructs of our consciousness or we can make it simple.

Let’s KISS.

Keep it Simple, stupid Sexy.

All goals are propelled by one of two core beliefs.

The most common belief is that life is happening to us or against us. Life becomes this persistent chore that keeps happening to us everyday. This is the root of all struggle, and leads to the desire to escape.

The belief that leads to a fulfilling life is that life is happening for us and everything can be used to help progress ourselves and humanity. Some may describe this as having “Faith”. In truth, living life through the lens of this belief allows us to make the most out of our lives, while we let go of the need to control things that just waste energy and make you feel worthless.

When we set goals and take action, we are being propelled by one of these two beliefs. We either do something because life is making us or because we are making life.

If you are not sure which one is propelling you, imagine how you would react if you achieved your goal right now?

Most people would radically change everything in a heart-beat if they could. A radical change that will make everything look different on the outside, but on the inside, that person is still being propelled by the desire to escape from their own belief that life is making them. The self-defeating belief that life is happening to you or against you.

If you could accomplish all your goals right now, what would you do?

If your answer will lead you to take less action, create less, and contribute less, then you are being propelled by the belief that life is happening to you or against you. With this belief, you become the victim of life, and life seems tough. When life is like this, you will feel like the only option is to horde all of your resources for you and your family, repress your creativity, and live for safety and security, instead of fulfillment and happiness.

When life is happening for you, accomplishing goals doesn’t matter anymore. Achievement does not feel as good as creating more. When you are making your life happen, all you want to do to take action, create, and do more. This is how you evolve, this is how we evolve, and this is what creates a fulfilling life in every moment.

And guess what? You do not have to wait. As soon as you let yourself create and express, you will feel fulfilled. The desire to escape is gone. The desire to create propels you.


I would’ve never reached the top of this mountain, I wouldn’t have even started climbing it, if I believed that life was against me. Only when I started taking action with the belief that life was happening for me were the odds always in my favor.

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