Just Shake Their Hand


I met someone new, a friend of a friend. He reached out his hand.


I slapped it away, punched him in the face, and ran away.

He was definitely going to attack me right? Self-defense!

I saw my cousin yesterday, he did the same thing. He must’ve been threatening me by reaching out his hand. I had to run away, I had too!

People kept reaching out their hands, I kept running away, until I realized they just wanted to be friendly and shake my hand.

Metaphorically, this is a true story. Literally, this just allegory. I’ve never punched anyone in the face.

The people reaching out their hands represent our “negative” emotions. How I reacted is how we usually react to “negative” emotions. We fight against them or run away.

We don’t even bother to shake the hand of the “negative” emotions, we try to act like they don’t exist.

Just like positive emotions, negative emotions are here to be friendly. They just want to shake your hand, so you can get it know them. They may be ugly, loud, and annoying, but they can also teach you something about life that will help you grow.

After I realized running away only kept creating the same struggle, I started to shake the hands of every emotion I met and asked each one, “What’s your story?”

This question facilitates a deeper connection with people, so why not use them to connect deeply with my emotions?

Now, I understand my emotions.

I’ve learned from them, and love every emotion that comes up because they lead to growth every time. I cannot promise you that you will never feel negative emotions again, but they will not follow you around all day because you finally showed them love.


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