I Am Never Wrong. Right?


It’s tough to admit, but I was wrong about so much in 2016.

On January 1st 2016, I thought I had it all figured out. I knew it all. My ego was fortified and sugar coated like a frosted flake programmed to say “I’m great!” even when I felt like life was on the verge of collapse.

Throughout 2016 the flakiness of my character lead me to almost die in the middle of the Amazon (while in the jungle, not while online shopping), to spend more money than I made, to not be even close to intimate with a woman, and to miss opportunities to grow my practice & help more people.

From a bird’s eye view, 2016 looks like the worst year of my life, but even through the fog of unmet expectations I am still able to find the gift of two worms, gratitude and understanding. Gratitude for my father, mother, brother, friends, and clients for believing in me and supporting me regardless of how unorthodox I became. Beneath the gratitude I found the gift of understanding that It all began with three beliefs that created a sugar coated, flaky superhero with the superpower of being able to explain everything while accomplishing nothing.

Belief #1 : Things that apply to every other human do not apply to me.

I tried to cover up my weaknesses by believing that I’m a human anomaly. Making plans and mitigating risk was something that I avoided because I believed that risk didn’t apply to me. I thought I was using next level postive thinking, but in reality, I was setting myself up for failure.

Fortunately, just because you don’t believe in gravity does not mean it will not exist for you and still exist for thoose who believe it.

To create a life full of love and growth I must live not by what I think is true, but by the laws that governed life before humanity.

Belief #2: Expecting people to see things from my perspective.

My heart was filled with passion for the attention and money I “knew” I’d get if I made content. I pushed myself to write more atricles, create more content everyday, make videos of my adventure and poetry. Everyone will see it, love it, pass it on, and the money will start flowing in. 100 articles, 200 posts, and 20 videos later and… $0. Not one dollar. I was completely wrong. something was missing.

In order to bring value to the lives of others, I must find what is valuable to others. To do that I must give them my full attention instead of trying to take it from them.

Belief #3 : All you have to do is be present in this moment now.

Seeing things from the perspective of others is one of the most rewarding skills you can develop, but without compassion for your future self, you will undervalue your needs and cover it up with addictive behaviors.

Let’s take a deeper look at three different perspectives and what they created for me in 2016.

1. Perspective of present self

Looking at life purely from the perspective of my present self led to overindulgence, addiction, and health/relationship imbalance because I was lost in lust for what felt good now and ignored the consequences.

2. Perspective of others

Looking at life from the perspective of others led to being malnourished, underappreciated, and caring enough to support my health. I learned this the hard way when I focused on serving others so much that it led to the most intense sickness I’ve ever experienced.

3. Perspective of future self

Only looking at life from the perspective of my future self led to being overly risk averse & rigidly planned out, leaving no room for unexpected opportunities. My over-analysis created action paralysis.

But what happens if I reference these three perspectives as I move through my day?

Better decisions, more compassion, less pain, and consistent growth.

Add this to the ability to live by the natural laws that govern us all instead of how I think life should be, and it looks like 2017 will be the best year ever.

Happy New Year.

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