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We all have needs that we are trying to meet with every emotion, thought, and action. Tony Robbins defines our core human needs as certainty, variety, significance, love/connection, growth, and contribution. According to Tony, these needs drive all human behavior.


In his book, Non-Violent Communication, Marshall B. Rosenberg lists human needs under the categories of autonomy, celebration, integrity, interdependence, play, spiritual communion, and physical nurturance. We all have our own way of defining our needs and meeting those needs.


When we don’t observe why we do what we do, our needs remain buried underneath our beliefs, habits, and fears. Rather than finding out what need we are trying to meet with our emotions, thoughts, and actions, we just continue to fall into our habitual patterns. Life becomes chaotic and our vitality and health deteriorate as our unexplored needs become the phantom limb pain of our consciousness. We all know that there is a limb of our consciousness that we want to fulfill, but the pain and suffering continues as we ignore why we do what we do.

To understand why we do what we do and feel the way we feel, we must explore what need we are trying to meet with our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

What needs are not being fulfilled well enough by your thoughts, feelings, and actions?

How are you meeting those needs?

How can you meet those needs more effectively?

Exploring your needs will uncover why you feel how you feel, think what you think, and do what you do. You will soon realize that your emotions and thoughts are not random, they are simply trying to help you fulfill your needs (they just need your guidance, so that they can do a better job).

For example, this post began as a way to fulfill various needs. Contribution, growth, significance, connection, certainty, and uncertainty can all be fulfilled in different ways by creating this piece of content for you, and I hope it helps to fulfill your needs too.


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