You can only lead people as far as you have gone yourself.


You can copy what other “successful” people have done. You can jump on the backs of greats and leverage them to build your following. You can make money this way, but you can never out-grow your foundation.

Your foundation is built from one thing that you cannot fake, and surprisingly, it is not honesty and authenticity. Honesty and authenticity can be faked when you are more certain than the person you are”leading”. The one thing you cannot fake is your intentions. You cannot escape your intentions, they direct your focus, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Honesty and authenticity can be faked in the short term, but over-time your true intentions will color the painting of your reality. You cannot hide your true colors.

Will your foundation support a skyscraper or crumble when you reach the second story?


When we truly are not leading ourselves, it’s easy to get lost without following the next buzz like a bee with amnesia. We abandon the hive to find sweetness in life. The process of visiting 2 million flowers, and flying 55,000 miles just to make one pound of honey is not as exciting as this new technique that leads to making something artificial that is 200x sweeter. We chase the sweetness (money), letting others lead us to something that sounds sweeter and sweeter, as we grow addicted to the artificial sweetener and forget that we have something raw and real on the inside that is ready to be expressed and heal humanity, with no negative side effects.

Bernie Madoff has been in jail for less than a decade and most of us have already forgotten how is manipulated the system in fraudulent ways just get make more money, money that he lost along with his legacy.

Compare him to men like Rumi and Leonardo da Vinci. These men have been dead for over 500 years and their work still transforms lives today. While Bernie spends is life in jail serving as an example of what not to do, The legacy of Rumi and Leonardo da Vinci lives on and will continue to transform lives for decades to come.


Lead yourself first. Be mindful of your true intentions.

Manifest from the depths of your realest and rawest self, and you will always find the sweetness that you are craving.

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