How to Predict Your Future


We are limited by our ability to predict the future (especially our own future). To get better and better at creating a predictable future, we plan, we set goals, we go to personal development seminars, and we do everything we can so we know that everything will work out.

Our limitation in our ability to predict our own future leads us to do almost anything to feel certain that we are doing the right thing and that everything will be okay. This leads to a life full of “success” and “accomplishments” that isn’t really fulfilling.

Why do we get caught in this loop?

Whenever we choose to try something new and move into uncertainty, our animal instincts kick in. These animal instincts reduce the infinite amount of possibilities that we have to create a fulfilling future into just two choices, fight or run away. This is a commonality between every animal in the wild because if they are not quick to react to threats, than they going to die. This is what happens when we step into something new until we are truly convinced that there is no threat. Once there is no perceived threat, Our perspective of the present and future changes completely.

Because most of us do not live in the wild anymore and we have access to a wealth of opportunities and information, only perceived threats exist and one real threat that creates them all, you.
More specifically, Your perspective of the present is your only potential threat.

Your happiness and fulfillment depends on your ability to do what’s best for your progress. For you and everyone else, there is an infinite amount of ways to grow, evolve, and progress. We limit our progress when we create our own threats and believe that they exist.

The only thing that we need to change to dissolve all threats is our perspective of the present. Once we realize that no threats actually exist, we start living a fulfilling and happy life because we realize that we truly have no limitations. FREEDOM!

Making future plans and accomplishing goals will never give you the life you want. The only way to change your life is by changing your perspective of the present. By creating a present perspective that is fulfilling you will create a life that is constantly progressing and full of fulfillment (and all your goals will naturally be accomplished in the process).


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