How to Integrate Your Mind, Body, and Soul


It may not seem like it, but you are driving the vehicle of your mind.

Your mind is constantly responding to your internal and external environment, while your soul gently guides you in the direction you need to go.

Your muscles are responding to your external and internal environment while your mind guides them through what you need them to do.

Even though you have control of your muscles now, you may not have complete control later. How you treat your body, what you feed it, and what you do (or don’t do) with it will either improve the function of your muscles or create pain, inflexibility, and dysfunction.

Without taking care of your body, your ability to use your muscles without any issues will deteriorate.

Sit in a chair all day and your body will be good at sitting in a chair and lose its ability to do everything else that isn’t similar to sitting.

When you explore movements, train your muscles, and give your body what it needs, it becomes your loyal servant.


The same rules govern your mind.

Without taking care of your mind, your ability to use it effectively will deteriorate. It will become your worst enemy.

When you mentally abuse yourself each day, feed your mind fear and worry, and feed your body low quality food, your mind will become super good at sabotaging your life.

Just like your mind is still there to help control your muscles after you abuse your body, your soul is still there to guide your mind, but a chaotic mind will lessen the connection to the guidance of your soul.

How do you create a calm mind that is guided by your soul?

In the same way you develop a better connection between your mind and your muscles, with mindful movement and nourishment.

Mindfully move through your thoughts and emotions. Don’t ignore the bad, move through it, understand it, and realize how useless or useful it is.

We do the same thing when we learn a new movement. At first, it feels bad and uncomfortable. If we just ignore it the bad, we will continue to be bad, if not worse, at it.

Look at everything as a tool for growth, discard the tools that don’t help, and use the tools that work.


You must also nourish your mind with honesty, learning, and gratitude.

Be honest with yourself, your reality, and others. You cannot create a better life if you are living an illusion. Honesty may be painful at first, but it leads to more freedom and clarity that allows you to actually improve your life and the lives of others.

Learn something new every day and apply it to your life. This will activate your left and right brain and make life better in unpredictable ways.

Finally, experience gratitude for people that you love (including yourself) and beautiful moments in your life when you wake up and right before you go to sleep. Step into those beautiful moments, feel what you felt, hear what you heard, and expand that gratitude to yourself and others in your life, and breath deeply.

Honesty, learning, and gratitude (and breathing deeply) will nourish your mind, remove the chaos, and create a clear connection between your mind and soul.


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