How To Create A Wormhole That Instantly Changes Your Reality

Movies and TV shows are something that I rarely watch, but the movie, Interstellar, caught my attention and held it hostage for almost three hours. Three hours that felt like thirty minutes because It provided me with so much brain candy. During the movie, I gained insight into how our lives can change in an instant just by shifting our beliefs.

The perfect metaphor for this comes from a scene where one of the space travelers, Romilly, explains the concept of a wormhole.


A wormhole, according to Interstellar, is formed when 2 dimensional space is folded into 3 dimensions. The wormhole becomes a shortcut to another dimension that gets them directly to point B from Point A in an instant. Beautiful. Cool. But what does that have to do with mind mastery? What does this have to do with you?

A similar phenomenon is going on in your mind right now. A phenomenon that is constantly refreshing your perspective.

Have you ever had a silly belief that was holding you back from something you really wanted?

A belief like “I can’t get that job, I’m not good enough” or “I am not worthy of an amazing relationship” or any thing else that has limited you. You may even have a belief that it limiting your enjoyment of life right now, and unexpectedly, someone tells you something or something happens for you that completely dissolves that belief. You may have even worked with a specialist or coach that guided you to a new dimension of reality that completely changed your life.

When you release the beliefs that limit you,  you start moving forward with ease and grace. You feel free! It is as if you took an instant shortcut to experience life in the way you always wanted.

Guess what?

In order for this to happen, you created a wormhole in your mind, a portal to a higher dimension of living. Instead of waiting 10 years to learn that your belief is not serving you, you just folded it over onto itself, and created a wormhole to a higher dimension of life. The dimension of life that you’ve been wanting to live in, and you have access to it in every moment.


It’s okay. Let it settle in. You are just realizing that you are the rule maker for this game of life that you have been playing this whole time. By creating wormholes, you will change the way you play your game of life by creating rules that serve you best.

Let’s harness this power and create some wormholes together…

First, you will need to figure out where you want to go. What goal do you have? Why?

Answering why is very important because without a powerful enough why, like “saving the human race from extinction”, you will struggle to find deep rooted limiting beliefs and rules that are holding you back.

Next, we have to get in touch with the magnitude of the goal. What is your plan for achieving this goal? What is limiting you from accomplishing that goal sooner? What rules have you created for your life that is making this difficult? Why are you struggling and suffering?

For this step, keep digging deeper until you get to a deep rooted belief or rule that is limiting multiple aspects of your life.

Write down the belief(s) or rule(s). Remind yourself of how much this is making you suffer and struggle.

Now, let’s create a wormhole to a higher dimension of reality.

Original belief: “she will reject me because I am awkward and ugly.”

Belief switch: “I am awkward and ugly because she will reject me.”

Yes, it’s that simple. This will dissolve your certainty in that belief and show you a taste of another reality. Your past reality will begin to seem silly. This is a taste of what it feels like to travel through the wormhole.

To come out on the other side of the wormhole into a reality that you want, you must change your belief or rule in a way that serves your highest good.

Using the example above:

Original belief: “she will reject me because I am awkward and ugly.”

Belief switch: “I am awkward and ugly because she will reject me.”

New Belief: “I am so beautiful and sexy that I can have any girl I want. Now, it’s time to build a fulfilling relationship with the girl of my dreams.”

Imagine your life with this new belief and rule. Notice how you feel and what you visualize. You are now in a higher dimension. Enjoy!

You are now free to transform the universe of you mind!

P.S. remember that the words you say to yourself, everything you visualize, and all that you think about enters you into a new dimension. You can harness this power by being mindful of the intentions and beliefs that are creating your reality, and shifting them to enter the dimension of reality that you want to live in.




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