What is Genuinely Good? Who is Really Right? The Tree Knows.


Plants and animals do not act based on good and bad, they act because of instinct. They act on whatever will lead them to the most growth.


We, humans, easily get caught up in good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong. It inevitably leads to chaos because what is good for you may be bad for them. A positive message can lead to a negative response and the right action can lead to the wrong outcome, or vice versa.

We then try to make sense of it all.


This happened after that, so that must mean this caused that to happen.

We try to explain the past, so we can live presently and know what to expect in the future, but something always will go unexpectedly.

You thought you figured it all out. In your reality, This causes that until it clearly doesn’t, and your life feels chaotic again. What’s good now feels bad, what’s wrong is right, and what was up is now down.

This pattern will constantly repeat itself, if you don’t see the patterns that are creating the internal and external chaos.

When you look at a tree, do you see chaos?


The tree just stands there.

A branch and some leaves may fall off the tree but the tree is not worried. The tree is not just going to give up on being a tree because a branch unexpectedly fell off. The tree is focused one thing, growth.

Growth is not dictated by the “good” or “bad” that happened to you. Growth happens based on where you choose to focus and how you choose to act.

Because the tree is focusd on growth it will not see the past branches and leaves that fell as trauma, it will use the past as nutrients for its growth into the future. Growth that bears fruit. Fruit that will contribute to other’s lives.

This is what you will do when you think outside of the context of good and bad. You will unlock the power to use everything that happened to you, every emotion you feel, and every relationship you have (or had) as a tool for your growth. This is how you evolve and grow.

This is how humanity will evolve and grow together with nature, by learning from nature.

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