The Most Important Goal

Set goals. Do everything possible to achieve that goal. Set another goal. Achieve that one. And the cycle continues until you die. Is this what you want?


We are constantly reaching further and further to get better and better. All for what? Why?

Setting goals is simple, and everyone has achieved a goal at some point in their life. You think, say, declare, and/or write what you want, and you go and make it happen. You manifest it in real life. Good job! Give yourself a mental high five, but now what? What’s next? I guess, it’s time to set another goal.


After achieving all of your goals you will have everything you’ve ever wanted, but still be missing the only thing you’ve really needed this whole time. Fulfillment.

Fulfillment is a feeling that can be experienced at any moment in our lives. Just think about who and what you are grateful for and send you love and thanks. Picture what it felt like to help someone in need and contribute to a cause greater than yourself. This is what fulfillment feels like experienced in its infancy. The more you notice it and nourish it, the more it grows. In each moment, all you have to do is remind yourself of your abundance and fill yourself with gratitude. This creates that feeling you’ve wanted your whole life naturally and effortlessly. To nourish and grow your fulfillment from infancy into adulthood, you must do what excites you. You must do what fulfills you the most, and make that your life. Simply, start shedding away all the silly things you’ve been doing that fill you with fear, anger, and negativity. Prioritize your time with more of what fulfills you. You are now your top priority.

Once I realized this simple principle, I noticed what fulfilled me and what made me feel empty. I filled my life with everything that fulfills me. Of course, my life is full of uncertainty at times, but that does not mean that it leaves me feeling empty and negative. In every moment, I choose to find and create fulfillment, instead of nourishing negativity.

When every moment fulfills you, you will naturally take action toward your goals without having to force yourself against your will. You will be expressing your purpose and excitement for life in every moment.

Luckily, there is a simple goal that can be used by everyone, and while you achieve this you will achieve everything else.

This goal is…

Never-Ending Fulfillment.

By being fulfilled in every moment, all goals will naturally be achieved because doing what fulfills you will lead you to express your purpose fully. When you express your purpose, you become filled with fulfillment while you fulfill your goals. Keep expressing yourself to the fullest, notice how fulfilling it feels, and nourish your fulfillment by doing more of what fulfills you. Thank you for bringing your unique gifts to humanity.


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