Gas Prices Don’t Matter

While driving to and from The Healing Zone (where I work with clients), I have been meditating on the metaphor that driving a car holds for living your life.

You are on your life path driving the vehicle of your body, choosing which lane to drive in, watching others pass you by, passing others by. You may get in an accident, you may have to stop when you don’t want too. And we always to forget (especially when someone cuts us off) that you cannot control anything other than where you drive and how fast you go.

It is a powerful metaphor, but metaphors don’t mean much until you actually put yourself in the drivers seat and find examples from your life that apply.

Living life and driving a car are highly analogous except for one thing, in life you only have one tank of gas. Once that tank is empty, you have to leave your body (car).
You determine what you do with your tank of gas. You can speed by everyone and end up burning yourself out. You can coast through life as much as possible trying to conserve gas, while forgetting that the common comfort of air conditioning is consuming fuel. You can drive the same route everyday or try something new as much as possible. Use your gas to go around the globe or travel the same route to work and home.

Your gas is analogous to how much life you have left, your body is the car, and your mind is the engine.

You can not trade in your vehicle for another one with better gas mileage, but you can upgrade your engine.

Your engine is highly adaptable.

You can develop something that conserves gas while you are idling (meditation). You can outfit you engine with an electric battery that you can use the energy you create when coasting to recharge your battery (gratitude & visualization). You can also outfit your engine and car with quality parts, oil, wheels and maintenance so that it doesn’t waste gas and runs smoothly (exercise & nutrition).

You choose what you use your limited amount of gas for.

Where are you going next?


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