Find Your Purpose and Reach Your Goals Effortlessly


Nothing deflates the human spirit more than feeling purposeless. At one point, we have all struggled with our worth, and had no idea what we were supposed to do with our life. Some of us may still feel stuck in this pattern of purposelessness. What if, you’ve really been living your purpose all along, without noticing it? Actually, we all have, and so have  you.

Often we are told to set “goals” and find our “purpose” in life. “The most successful people live on purpose, they have goals, they are focused…”

I followed this advice for 2 years. I achieved all my goals in half the time. I made a vision board that was the wallpaper for my phone and laptop. My video camera was filled with videos of me shouting what I thought was my “purpose”. I kept looking for what’s next, and feeling like nothing changed at all. I was sacrificing my health for my “purpose” and “goals”. Depression struck hard as pictures of failure flooded my head, but I covered it up by working with more clients, busying myself, so I felt like I was doing something important, and acted like I was fine the whole time.

I didn’t want to accept the truth. The truth that the one thing I have been neglecting all along was actually my purpose. This one thing, my actual purpose, is to love myself.

Self-love to many is synonymous with being “selfish”, however self-love leads to the greatest transformation in humanity through the transformation oneself. For most of my life, I was trying do to whatever it takes, so someone would make up for the love that I lacked for myself. I was living a life of service, with self-hate in the driver’s seat.  My main motivation was to disguise my disgust with myself by using the short term gratification of compliments, admiration, money, food, drugs, and sex.

All of this hiding under my self-proclaimed  “purpose” that “I am the catalyst for complete health, mind, and soul transformation”. However, The real underlying purpose of that phase of my life was to see how close I can get to death before I realize I just have to love myself.  This is a great example of irony and coincidence at the same time because the desire to heal humanity lead to the destruction of my mind, body, and soul, which lead to the transformation that humanity has really been needing all along, Self-love.

Some of us wait until we lose a loved one to really honor and love ourselves. Some of us wait for a traumatic accident to take us out of our self-sabotaging trance. Some of us even pass away before we can experience true unconditional love for ourselves again. How long will you wait until you love yourself?

Now, Self-love is the underlying purpose that we all share. Yes, It is that simple, but let’s break it down. Shall we?

Self-love is simply the ability to realize that everything you are doing in every moment is exactly what you are meant to be doing. Everything you are doing is okay. Everything you are thinking, feeling, doing, and being is okay. Every part of you is perfect. Everything is right.

Embodying this truth gives you plenty of room to do what excites you and enjoy the things in life that you used to abuse yourself over. Constantly looking for whats next only led you to constantly look for what is missing. The truth is, nothing is missing, nothing have ever been missing. As you see, feel, hear, taste, and touch the perfection in all things, you will realize that everything is okay as it is, you will begin to savor every moment. This is pure happiness. This is what everyone has been chasing after, and happiness is yours, now and whenever you want. The funny thins is that you have always been living on purpose, and achieving the goal of growth, without noticing it. Now, you can notice the beauty that is you, unfolding and progressing in every moment.


This is what I declare for myself every day (feel free to use a variation of this for you too):

“My purpose is self-love. When I express my self-love, enough-ness, and worth in every moment, I am filled with happiness, which leads to my growth, expansion, and evolution. My growth, expansion, and evolution leads to the growth, expansion, and evolution of my family, friends, community, environment, all of humanity, and the world. This is my life and my being, and I choose to love every moment and let it nourish me with all that I need to be.”

Thank you for being you.



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