Feeling Blue?

The past is inescapable.


Every moment is painted with colors from the past. You may hate the colors, you may think it’s ugly, you may wish you could start with a blank canvas. All of these reactions are only contributing to the disdain you have for how life was, as you tell yourself that the painting will always be this way.

Why did I use this color?

Everyone else’s paintings are so beautiful, mine is so ugly!

Everyone else’s paintings are beautiful because they remembered that they can always mix colors to make a new one.

They felt blue, so they mixed it with other colors to create something beautiful out of it.

you can always use the past “mistakes” to create a beautiful work of art. You are never stuck with what you have now.

A tree is the perfect example of this principle in motion. It does not matter what the tree looks like or what happens to it, it will always grow toward the light.

Leaves will fall off, branches will fall off, bark may be stripped away. Instead of worrying about what it lost, the tree continues finding the light and can now use the decomposing leaves, branches, and bark as nutrients to help it to grow even more.

Our life is a work of art that is constantly unfolding. We cannot change the colors and strokes we used in the past. We cannot keep the unexpected from happening. We do, however, have one superpower that is vital for the growth of humanity.

We always can use whatever happened before to make progress happen now.

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