Driver’s Education for Your Life



The main cause of pain, struggle, and suffering is trying to drive the vehicle of your life from the passenger seat.

When things don’t go as expected. When our perception does not match our reality, we have two choices.

The first choice is to give up the steering wheel, hop in the passenger seat, and let other people steer your life.

This inevitably leads to physical and emotional pain, struggle, and suffering because you are letting someone else dictate the direction of your life (and they are not putting in any money for gas either).


The second option is what we all aim for.

It is the reason why we spend so much money on education, personal development, and business development.

We want to be in the driver seat of our life.

We want to be in the driver seat, but we are used to giving up the responsibility. We are so good at giving up our power to drive our lives because we had to as a child. We needed someone to teach us about this crazy world we magically popped up in. We needed guidance and direction. We needed someone to steer our wheel and teach us when to push on the gas and when to use the brakes.

The suffering and struggle will come when we genuinely want to make the most out of our lives and take full responsibility and control, but something happens. When something doesn’t go as expected, Your first reaction may be to feel like you are not good enough. Or life could be going really well, but someone sells you on the idea that you are not good enough unless you buy a certain product.

Once you spend that money, learn that course, read that book, then you can fully be in the driver’s seat!

Well, that is what you tell yourself.

Unfortunately, we allow those who are driving their own vehicle to convince us that we cannot do the same unless we drive our vehicle like them.

I could sell you anything. I could play into your insecurities, and take the responsibility out of your hands for a little while. You would truly believe that this is exactly what you need to take your life to the next level. I could make you addicted to what I provide, so you keep coming back. And you’d keep coming back because I sold you on the illusion that I would take over the wheel for you.

If you are really investing in your life, then why are you giving up the driver’s seat to it?

My job is not to help you, heal you, or take the responsibility of your life off your hands.

My job is to be the example that I wish I had, instead of looking for others to be an example for me.


No one can replace that image in your mind and that feeling inside of who you know you can be. It is your responsibility to take the wheel and direct your vehicle in the direction of a more fulfilling life than anyone could ever sell you on.


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