Don’t Escape, Acclimate.

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You are constantly acclimating to your environment. Your body is designed to detect what is going on in your environment to make sure you do what you need to do to live. This includes people too.

We are constantly acclimating to the people we are with and the people that we expect to be with. Actually, we don’t acclimate to the person, we acclimate to our perception of them.

We tend to attract interactions with people that reflect something that is going on in our reality or was going on in our reality. Interactions are never random, there will always be some familiarity between you and the person you are interacting with. This familiarity includes similar interests as well as deep emotional struggles.

As you spend time with similar people doing similar things you start becoming them in different ways, and will attract more people like that into your life. This means that there is some truth to this cliché quote.


However, this quote may be interrupted as meaning that you must judge people based on who you want to become.

For example: you want to be rich, but your best friend only makes $40,000 a year, so you find people that are averaging 6 to 7 figure salaries. You build friendships with these people,  start acclimating to them, and make more and more money. You are rich!

But, you are not happy. You didn’t realize that the people you became friends with are miserable. You were blinded by their riches. Meanwhile, your ex-best friend is loving life and creating deeply fulfilling relationships.

Everyone in your life has nuggets of wisdom that will help you grow in some way. Every interaction you have can be used  in a way that helps you better yourself.

No one is good or bad, until you judge them as such. We are all experiencing life from a different perspective in a different internal and external environment.  Whether we serve as an example of what not to do or what to do, We are all full of experience that others can learn from.



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