Be Your Own Boss

You must work for yourself in order to truly be free. This does not have anything to do with starting your own business or being an entrepreneur. You can still have a boss, and be your own boss. Paradoxical, I know. However, it is as simple as asking yourself, what is really driving you? What is really motivating you?

If you are motivated by someone else telling you what to do, by your lover, by your family, by your dog, by your house plant, by your boss, or by anyone other than yourself, you will eventually go through a crisis or burn out.

Once you realize that you scarified, your most valuable resource, your time for everyone else, you begin to feel like life is spiraling out of control. You slowly lose your identity because everyone else is defining you and what you have to do instead of you doing what really excites you.

I am not saying to stop doing things for others. I am saying to inspire yourself from the inside. Direct your life with a purpose that you are genuinely passionate about. Fit your work and your loved ones into your purpose. Inspire yourself with a goal that you must achieve, instead of fear of losing your job or love. Design your life, define your work, and be who you truly are. Thank you for being you.


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