An Open Letter to Society

Dear Society,

I was born into this silly game

and forced to abide by your rules

forced In a way, that seemed borderline okay

so atleast I felt like I had free will

my suffering was always my responsibility

to fit in I was told is the key

to be a part of this society

suffer struggle cry

stuff it down and buy

repeat it till you die

leave your soul behind

spirits souls all lie

please don’t ask us why

But why

please enlighten me

why society is focused so much on money?


it’s not really money

it’s something underneath

the problem was never money, never will be

what is really killing us is a belief

a belief that we are living in scarcity

We source resources from other countries

to make more money

and blah blah economy

compulsive need to compete

selling with buzz words, and bribery

hired to go higher on the hierarchy

all of this is just separating you from we

only in a state of fear and scarcity

can you nazi

can you not see that you are just a reflection of we

of me

we are all in this together as a team

and i’m sorry

I’m sorry for all your pain

and the emotions you repressed to feel sane

and all the others that you blame

for not playing the rules of your game

I feel your pain

When you are done destroying the world

When you are finished hording pearls

when you stop abusing the intuitive abilities of girls

using masculinity to control the world

I’ll be here for you.

because I did it too.

I just stopped at the first red light

while you sped right through

but i’m not here to ticket you

I will not guilt shame or blame you

because that is what has always been driving your vehicle

in the drivers seat

of humanity

we need something new


The real you

There is no need to struggle through

repressing what it means to truly be you

only you can be you

that’s all your have to do

so you can finally receive the one thing

that the guilt, shame, and blame were covering

that one thing you have always been needing




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