An Open Letter To Humanity


Dear Humanity,

I’ve been trying to fit in my whole life

Self imposed my own strife

wishing to overwrite my life with something nice

but I just keep running on the wheel of life with a bunch of mice

I’ve been trying to fit in, find the light

Honestly, This is all a joke, I’m done faking polite

doing whats right, fighting the fight to end all plight

Fighting the fight only plightens the plight

hardens the strife

Deepens the knife and turns it to the right

all because we think we know whats right

we act like we know what’s best for them

but do we know what’s right for us?

No, we lost sight

I’ve been trying to fit in for so long

Forcing myself to do what feels wrong

Listening to the thong song, hit the long bong

Play along and act strong

Just to prolong the life long theme song of

“I don’t belong, but let me see your thong thong thong thong ”

I’ll just stop singing along with the throng of prongs

There is nothing wrong with thinking with your dong

But do you want long term fulfillment or

Yesssssssss…now what? Cigarette? Emptiness?

That’s why I was depressed because I was trying to fit in with a world full of regret

Humanity feeling like they are always in debt, but have you ever checked

Why you do what you do and what gets you through

And how whatever you believe comes true for you

Not enough? Everyone suck? Life is tough? Here you go, would you like fries with that too

It’s no surprise that its true, the one creating the blame is you, the shames from you

The creator of the game is you. The only one you can change is you.

You change you and the world around you changes too.

Try to Change the world around you first then it gives you a clue

That there is room for growth within you

I began to change from within, when I asked one question

Why am I trying to fit in?

Only because I never became my own friend

Only to hide that I wanted life to end

Only, so now I can show you what life is like when you never have to pretend




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