All Transformation Starts With This One Thing


The first step to transforming your life is taking responsibility for it.


This is not your cue to tighten up and cancel your vacation plans. Responsibility or “Response-ability” really means the ability to respond, get it? Response ability.

You must reestablish response-ability for your life, your perspective, your dreams, and your desires. Life can be difficult and things outside of yourself will get in your way, but how long they stay in your way is all due to your level of response-ability. Your response-ability is dictated by how you use your mind & body, digest food, and how you organize your life.

Think of a time when you were so focused on achieving a goal, that you would stop at nothing to make it happen. What did you accomplish? How did you get it done?

This is something we have all experienced and it is called “resourcefulness”. This is the skill that you naturally used as a baby. You would employ mastermind tactics like crying and whining to get what you needed. You would almost always get it too. You also were completely unaware why you had four mystical appendages coming out of your body, but after about a year, you learned how to use those mystical appendages called arms and legs to grab things, roll around, crawl, pick your nose, walk, eat, and play with toys.


That is resourcefulness!

Resourcefulness is the ability to take what you have and make it into something brilliant, amazing, exciting, and fun. The ability to create something that the world has never seen.

This is an ability that we all have, and the most successful people in the world are successful because they mastered this skill.

In every moment, you have a choice to take responsibility, take action, and be resourceful. We both know exactly where blame and excuses lead us, so let’s watch the transformation take place and feel the abundance of resources you have access to in every moment as you take responsibility for your life.

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