Accelerate Your Learning Without Books or a Mentor

Are you addicted to growth? Can’t get enough of self-improvement?

For most of my adult life, I was addicted to self-improvement. I listened to and read everything by Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and John Maxwell. Instead of partying, I would watch seminar recordings. Instead of going to general education courses in college, I would learn from the best in the health and exercise industry. I felt accomplished by packing myself full of as much information as possible. However, it was all in my head, while l continued laying in bed learning more and more.


This cycle of learning without any doing ended abruptly when I had to complete a full time internship to graduate. I found an internship that would test my knowledge and teach me what I have yet to learn. I was ready to learn even more in a nice comfortable fashion, through my mentor’s experiences.

Instead, I was given case studies and clients to work with. I could no longer hide behind a book.

It was a complete and total immersion in a pool of experience that sparked a complete transformation.

One year after the internship and I was public speaking, performing poetry, teaching workshops, and doing 1 on 1 body work and personal training. From reading 150 books a year to working with 150 clients in a year. From doing little and creating even less to experiencing and creating miracles. Wow!

Everything shifted when I realized one principle. Words cannot replace experience.

It does not matter how much you read, watch, listen, and learn, experience is irreplaceable. Everything you experience is unique to your perspective and abilities, and every experience can be used as a tool for growth.

As you start doing and experiencing life to the fullest of your ability, what you have learned in the past will be triggered and pop up exactly when you need it. You will be able to use your brain like a database, so that you can get the most out of every situation. Everything you learned in your past can be applied to your future to remove struggle and increase ease and simplicity.

Make sure to keep being and doing in balance. It is okay to learn and meditate as long as it doesn’t make you hesitate. It is also okay to experience and create, as long as you don’t over-compensate.

How are you going to integrate this into your life?

Is it time for you to act on something that excites you?

Is it time for you to fill in the gaps of knowledge for a better plan of action?

Only you know how to be and what to do. Remember, It is always okay to be you.

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