Get Offline to Go Within

In my last article, we compared reality to social media and learned an overwhelmingly important lesson.

We are more likely to manifest into our reality what we focus on the most.
When you master the power of manifestation, you will be able create the life that you thought you wanted. You set goals, and go for it,  so that your reality reflects more of what you like.

This is synonymous with a “Facebook cleanse”, where you delete friends that you define as negative and un-follow everything you don’t like so that everything is pristine & positive.
You think that everything will be perfect on your Newsfeed now. You put in the effort and have been focusing only on the good, so that means that nothing negative can get in the way of a positive experience, right?

What if one of your “positive” friends has a bad day and posts something depressing?

What if something terrible happens that is covered in the news all over the world, so Facebook sends it your way?

or what if someone targets you with an advertisement based on your ‘positive’ interests?

Now what?


Do you delete your friend just for having a tough time, do you aggressively tell Facebook to not share this news because it has a negative impact on you, do you send hate mail to the advertiser?

Would anything good come from reacting in this way?

Of course not, but how can you avoid things that you hate or dislike?

You can’t.

Life is filled with challenges. Challenges that you may react to with hate or sadness because life isn’t going as you expected.

Allow your reaction to pass, and notice that you are a part of humanity. As a collective, humanity is experiencing hurt, suffering, sadness, and hate, so inevitably you will encounter these reactions and emotions, no matter how good you are at focusing on the good.

Instead of rigidly protecting yourself from negativity, you must realize that it will come into your life. Allow it to be, learn from it, and make the negative into a positive.

Ask yourself if the next action you take will spread love and abundance. If not, choose a state and way of being that will create more abundance.

To understand how we can serve ourselves and humanity in a way that spreads love & abundance, we must get off of Facebook, and get into ourselves. Let the answers come from within you.

Live life knowing that you can handle any situation that comes your way, no matter how challenging it is. Your resilience , adaptability, and abundance will grow exponentially when you know that you can use everything as an excuse to create growth, love, and abundance.

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