Don’t Wait For A Near Death Experience To Learn This

What are you spending your precious time focusing on?


I almost hurt my back because I wasn’t giving my full attention to lifting 275 pounds off the ground Thinking about the rest of your day can wait.

You can only focus on one thing at a time.

I started learning this lesson in highschool when I made a terrible mistake with 320 pounds on my back. I should have been focused on completing that one repetition of a squat. I was really focusing on what I wanted to say to my high school crush.

I’m not sure what was more painful, how much this crush weighed on my heart, or when the weight on my back crushed a disc in my spine. I went from daydreaming about kissing my crush to my spine being crushed. The only thing close to kissing was my L4 and L5 vertebra. I let the weight fall off my back and laid on the ground in agony. So much pain that lust couldn’t exist. So much pain that I couldn’t get up.

But pain was still not enough to teach me the importance of focusing on the present, so let’s raise the stakes.

Now, what will Tyler do when life shoves a machete in his face?

Give me the choice between life or death and I will choose life every time. I will magically learn at lightening speed and do what I must do to survive. When the consequence is death, We enter a realm where excuses and complaining do not exist.

What happens when our lives are not threatened?

We allow ourselves to focus on silly things that we have no control over, while we make excuses and complain, so we can keep things comfortable. Safety and security becomes that main focus. Doing what we love is to “risky” and to “uncertain” for most of us.

Why try to evolve further if I have food, shelter, and I am fertile?

Why not?

Life is beyond fun when you are committed to creation. Life is fulfilling when you test  your limits and expand everyday. When we simply settle for the same standard of living, we feel our mind and body decomposing as our souls plan their exit.
Staying the same only sets the stage for a slow & painful death, while focusing on making the most of every moment leads to unexpected awesomeness, unexpected growth, and love.



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