3 Steps to Baking Up A Nourishing Life

You can accomplish anything.

$1 million is $1 million right? A Lamborghini is a Lamborghini, a CEO is a CEO, a Pikachu is a Pikachu, how you get it doesn’t matter.


Or does it?

Is a chocolate cake a chocolate cake?


You could have two people bake the same looking chocolate cake, but each one will taste different.

The cake may look the same on the outside, but when you dig a little deeper, you get a taste of the process that went into making the cake.

The quality of the ingredients, type of ingredients, moisture, texture, bitterness, tartness, sweetness, chocolateyness, over-baked, under-baked, perfectly baked, dryness, the after-taste and more can provide clues as to why the cake is so amazing or just “meh”.

The secret to a good cake is not the looks of it, it’s in the process. The quality of ingredients, the skills, the steps, the recipe, the knowledge, the experience of the one baking the cake, all of it comes through in the final product of the cake. Everything that went into baking the cake comes through in the flavor and experience of eating the cake.


The secret to a good life is not the looks of it, it’s in the process. The quality of relationships, the skills, the experiences, the knowledge, the impact that is made on others, the contributions to the world and humanity, the legacy left behind, all of it is expressed through the human being living that life.

Here are some steps you can use to bake a deliciously good life:

1. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.

2. Never sacrifice love of experience for the lust for looks

3. Never sacrifice what fills you up with love and happiness for validation and achievement

If you follow this recipe for life, each bite of life will be full of flavor and nourishment, even if it looks like just another piece of cake.


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